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Public PopDot

Public PopDot

It all started when I answered a call for artists to participate in helping beautify the
re-branded KONO neighborhood in the heart of Uptown Oakland.

13 utility box art murals by 13 artists were commissioned and are currently on view
along Telegraph Avenue between 20th and 34th Street.

In an effort to continue adding art to the neighborhood that is growing in popularity
due to the very successful Art Murmur event that takes place the first Friday of every month,
wall murals are also being commissioned.

PopDot Outlet and Florescent Bulb are located on Telegraph at 30th.
PopDot Salt n Peppa is located on Telegraph at 21st.

Special thanks to Shari and the KONO team for making this art possible.

Click through for more images and a story of the process.


for more information about KONO
visit the KONO Neighborhood Association website